CashCow Press Release


Date: 19th July 2021


Zach Boychuk joins CashCow.Capital as an Advisor

CashCow.Capital is pleased to announce that Zach Boychuk has joined our team of advisors. Zach is a crypto
enthusiast and investor as well as a professional ice hockey player.

Zach was the first professional athlete to launch his own memecoin.

Zach will help us source crypto startups for our platform and offer general advice.

Zach joins our team at a perfect time just before our presale on Monday July 26.

CashCow.Capital is a platform that will fund crypto startups. It has one main difference compared to many of
the other launchpads competing in this space. By buying our native currency $MOO you automatically own a
share in a portfolio of investments. Our community decides on which investments we make and the platform
invests on behalf of the token holders. Thirty percent of the token circulation is allocated to a Treasury wallet
which will be used exclusively to invest in new startups.

This model hands back control to the investor. No more whitelists or lotteries. If you own MOO you are in!
Token holders will also be paid every time they vote.

CashCow.Capital model means that by owning MOO you benefit in three ways, potential growth in the value
of MOO, distributions from the sale of investments and payment for every vote cast.

CashCow.Capital is a unique model in an otherwise crowded space. I am excited to be part of the team
helping them source great investment opportunities,’ commented Zach.

To find out more visit our website: www.CashCow.Capital

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