About Us

CashCow.Capital is a community based cryptocurrency project that allows investors to access pre-sale cryptocurrency opportunities.

It is a revolutionary new model in the cryptocurrency space allowing investors to own a portfolio of cryptocurrencies by simply buying MOO tokens.

It is at the pre-ICO or seed stage of a project’s life cycle where a large proportion of a project’s gains are made. This is the area CashCow.Capital is focused on.

Token holders are encouraged to participate in the selection of cryptocurrencies by earning rewards every time they vote. In addition 100% of each project that CashCow.Capital invests in is owned by the community with distributions made to token holders without any deductions of fees or commissions.

how it works

In order to join our community and participate in the rewards you simply have to buy our token. If you wish to play a part in selecting investment opportunities, which we encourage you to do, you just have to join our platform when the time comes. In the meantime follow us on our social channels so you can be kept up to date with developments.

We have set aside 30% of the token supply which has been deposited into a Treasury wallet for the sole purpose of investing in pre-sale crypto opportunities. In addition each transaction will incur a 10% fee which will be transferred to the Treasury account.

All token holders have the opportunity to vote on what is invested in.

This structure means every community member benefits from our success where 100% of any investment CashCow.Capital makes is owned by the community.

We will distribute profits as we exit investments leaving 50% in the Treasury wallet to allow CashCow.Capital to continue investing in exciting opportunities.

Risks and Restrictions


Our strategy is not without its risks. Investing in cryptocurrencies is high risk. You could lose 100% of your money. Pre-ICO investments are illiquid and they may be impossible to sell.

Moo Tokens are high risk. You should only invest what you can afford to lose. We highly recommend you do not invest more than the equivalent of $USD1,000. We discourage whales and encourage the masses!


Although CashCow.Capital does not require KYC we do not accept holders of tokens who are from certain jurisdictions. Please read the restrictions below before buying.

Moo tokens shall not be offered to, or for the account or benefit of, a citizen or permanent resident of the united states, singapore or the people’s republic of china, or any resident of a country in which american embargoes and/or sanctions are in effect, whether domiciled for tax or otherwise, and whether residence is primary or otherwise. This includes north korea, iran, syria, sudan, and cuba. Any individual who meets the above criteria is not eligible to participate in the purchase of moo tokens in any form.