A new model in

funding pre-sale

crypto projects

An easier more innovative way to gain access to early stage high growth projects without the drawbacks of IDOs

High growth projects


Automatic diversification into a portfolio of projects

100% of investments owned by token holders

Vote and earn

Decentralized platform

Aimed at the mass market

No KYC required*

No whitelists or lotteries

*See Risks and Restrictions

Funding your project

If you have an idea for a Project and require seed capital to get it off the ground then Cashcow.Capital is your perfect partner. Your project must be simple to understand and there needs to be an easily verifiable use case. If you believe your project meets these requirements we would love to hear it from you.

Join the community

The value in CashCow.Capital is our community. All MOO token  holders share an interest in a portfolio of crypto assets which  the community chooses to invest in by casting their vote. They  also get to share the rewards from successful exits.

Risks and Restriction

Moo Tokens are high risk. You should only invest what you can afford to lose. We highly recommend you do not invest more than the equivalent of $USD1,000. We discourage whales and encourage the masses!

The HIgh growth platform

When you are a holder of MOO tokens you are automatilcally a member of our comunity. That means you have an access to the High Growth Platform. The HGP will present opportunities for our community to consider and vote on. Each token holder gets to vote and are paid each time they do so. Whether the vote is yes or no.